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came in the stipulation of advertising. The Print Phase: Advertising’s Baby StepsPrint space was precious it was all about tapping the potential of newspapers. Magazines came in later, and specialty magazines followed. Now, creativity involved limiting the sales pitch within an inch by inch space. These ads rarely left anything to the imagination the focus was on the product, and a solid, clear copy was always provided. Here are a few examples. Hold the future in your hand (Sony Television)Pink is for girls (Lustre cr No whacky ideas were allowed here, mind you. These were the times when people read the fine print that was a part of the advertisement, attention grabbing visuals were more the exception, rather than the rule. I once wrote that Dove made soap "obsolete", only to discover that the majority of housewives did not know what the word meant. I had to change it to "old fashioned". David Ogilvy Innovation in printing brought these adverts to life, bringing them out from the last
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and, by his barren wife. But, he was one hundred years old before the child was born. And, this is the
Wholesale jerseys part I’m amazed with; He waited twenty five years and kept believing that he was the father of many nations. I sometimes think I’ve gone the limit when I’ve waited twenty five minutes. But, the point is; he didn’t make excuses for his limitations. He couldn’t afford to. Abraham was no different than we are. If he had considered his wife and his own body, there is no way that old man could have kept saying "I’m the father of many nations" for twenty five years! He would have been just like some of us and quit after three days. Abraham could have said, "I’m too old", "my wife is too old", . You see, his wife was ninety years old when the child was born! Don’t you know she was surprised? When she went into labor she probably thought she had appendicitis. Nah, I’m kidding. Now I know that this is an extreme example, but, still the same, excuses are part of our natural tendencies no matter

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