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What Does the Number on an Official Referees travel in crews across all levels of organized football and receive grades on their performances. With so many official on the field, though, it can be tough to tell who’s who. NFL players have number limitations based on their positions, but referee numbers are randomly assigned, or can be chosen with the permission of the NFL. The numbers for referee uniforms are also allowed to go into the hundreds. The lowest numbered official in 2012 was
Cheap jerseys Craig Wrolstad’s No. 4, while the highest was Pete Morelli’s No. Each set of letters denotes a position: referee (R), umpire (U), head linesman (HL), line judge (LJ), field judge (FJ), side judge (SJ) and back judge (BJ). Each position comes with its own responsibilities throughout the game. The most noticeable for viewers is the referee. These head officials are the faces that NFL fans will likely recognize. Each "crew," as it’s
Cheap NFL jerseys called, in the NFL, is headed by a lead referee. After each game, each referee is rated for every call, according to former NFL referee Allen Baynes. For incorrect calls, the referees lose points off their said grade. Those grading the referees will use jersey numbers to distinguish who made the call. The grade is used, most notably, to determine which referees get called upon for playoff contests. Through the Ranks Referees must begin at the high school and college levels before making it to the pros. According to a 2012 article in the "Christian Science Monitor," officials at the high school level and above have a .17 percent chance to make it to the NFL. While there are many variations of the rules, procedures and uniforms between high school, college and the NFL, the jersey numbers and letters all serve the same purpose.

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