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BSI Mens Suede Cosmic Rental Bowling Shoes

BSI Mens Suede Cosmic Rental Bowling Shoes

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BSI Mens Suede Cosmic Rental Shoe

BSI adds a fun feature to their Rental style shoes. Glow stitching! The logo and the size glows in the dark. How fun is that! They also have the traditional leather sole that bowlers like and are very durable. 100% Brushed Leather Rental Shoe

  • Universal Soles
  • Glow Stitching, Logo and Size (size 17 does not include this feature)
  • The word "Rental" appears on the sides of the shoe.
  • Fully Cemented & Stitched Soft Rubber Heel
  • Fully Glued & Stitched Midsole & Outsole
  • Leather Lining
  • Scuff Proof Suede
  • Double Reinforced Eyelets
  • Long Lasting Super Strength Laces
  • Fully Lined Tongue
  • Crush Proof Counter
  • EZEE Slide Leather Sole and Steel Shank for Support

Brand: BSI
Category: Bowling Shoes

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